Allows you more precise control over both how the Search bar and Search Results Template functions and appears.


Can be enabled or disabled.

The function works by adjusting how results appear - after you start typing into the search bar, predictive search suggests results that are related to what you’re typing. They match search terms either exactly or with a degree of typo tolerance:

Exactly matching products or variants are returned as product suggestions that drop down from the search bar.

For example, you’re looking for a snowboard and type very-fast snowbo.

Product suggestions appear for products or variants that contain very, fast, and a term that begins with snowbo.

If a word is separated by a comma or space, then it will be considered as two terms.

Words or phrases that are separated into multiple terms return different results than a single term that includes the same words. For example, T-shirt and t shirt return the same results, but tshirt does not.

Product variants are returned only when the query matches terms specific to the variant title - only the variants with the most matching terms are returned as results.

For example, your Boot Lace Product has both a brown variant and a black variant.

If you search for boot lace, then all boot lace products will be returned.

However, if you search for brown boot lace, then only the brown variant is returned.

Search Includes

Changes what the Search function will include or exclude.


Both whole Products and Variants will be included.


All Pages template pages, such as Contact or Policy pages


Both Blogs and Blog Pages.


Allows Customer to find whole Collections, along with the separated Products.


Changes the visible content that appears for Products

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