Merchants operating bilingual stores may wish to consider using the language settings to set up their theme translations.

For Arabic and Left to Right translations, see the reference guide here:


Languages first need to be added to the store through the Admin settings.

From your Shopify Dashboard, access your Settings in the lower left corner:

When the new menu displays, select Store Languages:

In Translated languages, click Add Languages:

In this menu, select the language of preference. In the example image above, German has already been added.

Once the language has been added, the option to switch to this language has now been added to the storefront - however, the actual translated content may not have been.

You may wish to consider an app to help complete the translation for your theme.

We have used the free app below, for our demo stores:

Translation Lab - Shopify Apps

However, other language apps are available for this purpose and we would definitely recommend experimenting with different apps to suit your preferences and needs.

You can find more translation app's on the Shopify App store: Shopify: App Store

Once all your desired languages are added to the store, your setup is complete. This adds an option to select the added language on the storefront:

While the theme supports translations on its own, it's down to the merchant to edit specific wording or phrasing using the language editor.

Enabling Language Selectors

Flow has a Language Selector function available to allow customers to switch the active language to suit their preferences.

Enabling the selectors require enabling a checkbox through the Header and Footer section settings separately.

This step requires merchants to have added an additional other than the default Language for the selector to display.

This Selector option can be added to both your Header and Footer, allowing the customer to change their active language immediately.



For for information on our Header and Footer features, please see guides for each section below:

Theme Language Editor

To access the Language editor, simply go to your Online Store channel, select Actions next to your live or unpublished theme, and select Edit Languages.

Once on the language editor, words or phrases in the theme can be edited to displaying specific wording.

Using the filter bar, you can search for phrases and lines of text.

For example, 'Add to cart':

When the filter has completed searching, scroll to find the option and change the information in the field required.

This in combination with an app, should provide a completely translated theme.

While the theme supports translations on its own, it's down to the merchant to edit specific wording or phrasing using the language editor.

For more information relating to this, please see the Shopify guide below:

Translations Apps

Merchants wishing to use an app for their translations may wish to consider recommended options by other merchants using our themes.

Here is an short list of alternative Shopify apps you may wish to try: