These days, with customers shopping online from around the world, 24/7, making sure you embrace the global market is very important. Being able to switch between currencies is an integral feature for your customers experience.

However, if a multiple currency dropdown selector is shown as an option on the storefront, this offers reassurance that their needs will be met.

Customers can then see all product pricing in a familiar currency and remain on your store to complete the purchase.


The first step to make is to ensure that your storefront is set up to accept selling in multiple currencies, under Shopify Payments.

From your Shopify dashboard, go to:

1) Settings (Located bottom right corner)

2) Select Payments.

3) Under the 'Shopify Payments' section at the top, click Manage:

4) In the Multiple currencies section, enable the currencies that you want to support from the list of accepted currencies - remember to hit Save, when you're done


You may see the warning message below - not to worry, your theme is completely set up for this with its own currency selector, by default:

Enable Currency Selector

Once you've added all your currencies needed for your store, the final step requires you to enable the selector within the Header and Footer section settings. Both of these section settings are enabled by default in later versions of Flow.

Toggle the checkbox to enable/diasble the selector.

Your theme will now display a selector for your currency options set earlier through the Shopify admin. These options display in a dropdown selector, accessible to your customers.

This is how it will display in the Header:

Select the selector to enable a dropdown with currency options for the store.

This is how the selector displays in the Footer:

Currency Converter App

Some currencies may require the assistance of an app to assist with the conversions. We recommend the following app for your conversion needs:

For Shopify's guide on Currencies, see the link below: