The Cart is the location where items are stored before your customers finalise their purchase. These settings control how the cart behaves when customers interact with this feature.

By default, the Cart operates as a drawer, sliding out from the right side of the browser.


Settings to control the cart operations or specific features.

For more information on the Cart page template:

Add to Cart button action

The cart can either operate as a page, a redirect to a cart page, or a drawer, which slides out from the right side of the browser window.

Select how the cart operates when a customer clicks the add to cart button: Show drawer - The cart will slide out from the left upon clicking add to cart. Show 'added' message - "Added" will display, adding the item to cart and allowing the customer to continue shopping without redirecting to another page.

Go to cart - Upon clicking add to cart, the page will redirect to the Cart page.

Click the dropdown to access options.

Show Product vendor

Enable to display vendor information, which displays underneath the product. Vendor information can be set through product options on the admin dashboard.

Enable cart notes

Allow your customers to leave a note, message or instructions when adding a product to cart.

Dynamic checkout buttons

The dynamic checkout buttons can be used to quickly buy products they are viewing, bypassing the cart completely. Enable or disable using the checkbox.

They can be associated with a payment method, and change depending on the customers preferred checkout payment method.

For more information on express payments or checkout buttons, see Shopify's documentation on Dynamic Checkout Buttons: