Product pages

Products are the lynchpin of your store. Without products, you would have nothing to sell, so it’s immensely important you master how to add products and familiarise yourself with all the settings available to build your store and your brand correctly, right from the start.

Products can be linked to on your storefront by using images or via text.

Adding a product

Shopify have a great guide on how to add products here:

Shopify Help - Adding and Updating Products

Product descriptions, compare at pricing (sale price), variants and images are outlined here:

Shopify Help - Product Details


For further information relating to specific image sizing, see here:

Displaying or linking to Product pages on the storefront

Here are two examples of how you can display your products on your storefront.

The first example is a text link in the footer:

If you need help with setting up footer links, we have a great resource available here:

Here is a more visual representation of your product/s, using the “featured product” section:

More info is available on specific sections and their options here:

Once your product link is clicked on, regardless of visual format, your customers will either be taken through to that product’s dedicated page where further details are shown, or if the “add to cart” button is clicked, the product will be added to the cart.

Here is an example of the “image with text” section, linking to a product:

What control do I have over my product page layout?

To view your product page, head here:

  1. Admin

  2. Online store → Themes → Customise

  3. Select 'Product pages' from the page selector dropdown:

  4. Select 'Product pages' again from the left-hand settings panel:


You will see the following options:

Show vendor

Toggle between hidden and visible.

Show quantity selector

Toggle between hidden and visible.

Show dynamic checkout button

Toggle between hidden and visible.


More information available here:

Shopify Help - Dynamic Checkouts

Trust badge

You can now upload a trust badge that will display below the Add to Cart button. Trust badges help putting your customers at ease and increasing your store's credibility.

Enable discount savings?

To display how much a product has been discounted compared to the Compare at price, select either Percentage or Value from the dropdown.




Description position

This option always you to define how and where the description should laid out on the page. There are 3 options to choose from:

  1. Above add to cart button

  2. Below add to cart button

  3. Below product image

Enable 'Read more' for Description

Toggling this allows you to hide a section of the Description below a cut-off point, useful for making long descriptions load faster and look less visually heavy on screen

Enable sticky description

When you enable full size images in the Secondary image display setting, you can enable this feature to ensure the product description remains sticky and visible while the customer scrolls down the images.

Toggle between active and inactive. When active, this feature triggers the dropdown selector to change to reflect the thumbnail clicked.

Cart button location

Select either “below product description” or “above product description”.

Social sharing

Allow customers to share your products right from the product page by toggling these icons:

Toggle between enable and disable. If this section contains more than 4 products, it will turn into a slider.


This recommendation algorithm uses sales data and product descriptions to show a mix of products that are similar or often bought together.

Product recommendations become more accurate over time as new orders and product data become available.

More information on how the "related products" feature works:


Add your own heading text for the related products feed. By default, this reads “other fine products”.

Product Variants:

Product variant style:

Choose between Dropdowns to present the Variant options as just their Variant Names or 'Swatches' to represent them visually.


Change variant based on the thumbnail

Toggle between active and inactive. When active, this feature triggers the dropdown selector to change to reflect the thumbnail clicked.

Hide sold-out variants

When enabled, any variant that has no available stock will be automatically hidden on page load, instead of appearing as an unavailable option for the customer.

Product images


As of version 14.3, there is a link available directly to our Image Reference Guide, to aid you in getting the best post images selected and edited for your Products.

For those working with a version released before this point, the guide can be found instead below:

Image size:

Choose between small, medium or large, from the dropdown selector.

Secondary image display:

Choose between full size images or an image gallery that highlights one image at a time.

Thumbnail position:

Choose between “below main image”, “left of main image” or “right of main image” from the dropdown selector.

Below main image:

Left of main image:

Right of main image:

Enable image zoom

Toggle between enable and disable.




Toggle between hidden and visible.

Review stars appear under your product title:


You will need to install Shopify's Product Reviews app before enabling this option:

Product Reviews - Shopify Apps

Enable out of stock email

This option will add an out of stock email signup to your product listing so customers can be notified when the product is back in stock.

Recently Viewed

Enable this setting to display the customer's recently viewed products at the bottom of product pages.

You can edit this section's heading, enable quick view functionality and enable auto-height sizing for product images.