Password page

For more information on how to enable this Page Template and hiding your storefront behind it, please see the guide below:

When you have an active password on your storefront, your password page is the first thing your customers will see if they visit your store’s domain name.

Having this “layer” in place ensures only customers who know this password can see your storefront (the storefront being behind the password page).

You can customise your password page so it is in keeping with your branding and choose a message to show to your customers.

Viewing the Password page

  1. Admin

  2. Online store → Themes → Customize

  3. From the dropdown page selector, choose “Password page”

  4. Select the sole option on the left sidebar 'Content'

Editing the Password page text and colors



Alters the text color on your password page.

The following example uses the color red to clearly show the areas affected:

Content background:

This is the area around the content itself:

Page background:

This alters the broader background color on your password page:


Your store’s name entered in your settings is shown here as text unless you add a logo image.

Logo image:

Add an image by choosing “select image”.

Logo width:

Change the size of your logo by using the slider. Select values between 100px - 400px.

Password page message:

This refers to the main piece of text on your password page. The Shopify platform dictates that this resides in your admin area settings:

  1. Admin

  2. Online store → Preferences

  3. Password page → Message for your visitors

  4. Enter your preferred message in the text box:

Show social media icons:

Toggle whether your social media icons are shown or hidden.


Set up your social media icons by following our helpful guide:

Background image

Add an image by choosing “select image”.


We recommend an image size of 2000 x 800px.

Here’s an example of how your page could look:

Overlay opacity:

Choose an overlay value which blends well with your chosen image.

Select between 0-95% here:

An example of 0% and 50%:


Toggle your newsletter signup box’s visibility:


Alter the newsletter form heading text: