Text adverts

A single header and line of descriptive text can be shown, along with a link if required. A maximum of three adverts can be shown side-by-side, with a vertical pipe aiding visual separation.

Adding Text Adverts to the storefront

To get started, head to:

  1. Admin

  2. Online Store → Themes → Customise

  3. Sections

  4. Text adverts


Under Settings, you have the following options:

Color scheme


Features a grayscale, clean design.


Shows a very delicate, light grey.


Pulls in colors from your theme’s customised colors settings.


Displays a more weighty tone of near-black.


Select 1, 2 or 3 text adverts and your theme will automatically change the alignment on your homepage to suit:

One advert:

Two adverts:

Three adverts:

To customise your adverts, you have three entry fields; Heading, Subheading and Link. Here is how and where they will be shown:

In your settings:

On your storefront:

Add a link by clicking inside the entry field - a list of options will appear for you to select:


You can re-order your adverts by clicking and dragging the content block’s position.


Replacing the icons with your own custom icons is possible but would need coding alterations; to change the coding references our default shortlist is using.

We have a number of trusted specialists, all of which are grouped for your convenience under our help guide: