A Newsletter can provide your customers with the very latest information relating to your business and products. This keeps your brand foremost in subscribers’ minds and is certainly an approach worth investing time in.

The Section takes up minimal space on your storefront but could help bring in a noteworthy increase in revenue if used effectively.

Colour scheme

Choose a look for your Newsletter Section:


Features a plain white, clean design.


Shows a very light shade of grey.


Pulls in colors from your theme’s customized colors settings.


Displays a more subdued look:

Newsletter heading

Grab the attention of your site visitors with this piece of text.

Newsletter description

Provide a reason why users should sign up. Use the hook - some form of benefit to encourage them to act on impulse. Keep things positive.

You could say something like “Be the first to hear about our exclusive offers and discounts”. This forms the impression of being an insider and being ahead of the rest of the pack.

Newsletter on all pages

You can now add a newsletter sign up for to all pages on your store simply by opening the Newsletter section in your Theme Settings:

Here you can show or hide the section and edit numerous settings: