Establishing your online storefront alongside your bricks-and-mortar outlet solidifies your brand’s credibility.

Use the Maps section to display your physical store’s location using the widely used Google Maps and drive footfall to your premises.

Tailor your Maps section to display important information such as opening times and allow customers to follow directions, effortlessly, straight to your door.

There are two main components to the layout. The Map itself and the text area overlapping it.


Color Scheme

Choose a look for your map.

Minimal: Features a grayscale, clean design.

Light: Shows a daytime map.

Feature: Pulls in colors from your theme’s customized colors settings.

Dark: Displays a more subdued look.


Display copy of your choice at the top of the text box.

Address and hours

List your physical address and your store’s opening days/times. You have the additional options of adding a link and formatting this text to Bold or Italic.

Map Address

This is not displayed to customers but is where you tell Google Maps exactly where you would like the locator pin to be dropped on the map.

Add a call-to-action here to display on the interactive button, such as “Get Directions”, “Visit Us” or “Plan Route”.


Swap the Map and Text to be either on the right and left, or vice-versa.


Small, Medium and Large options are available. These increase or reduce the height of the section and map. The text area will remain a consistent size.


Google Maps API key:

You need this for the map to be displayed as it is pulled from Google’s API. Here is a great Shopify document which helps explain how to do this (this link is also provided in the map section editor).


This area allows you to choose a picture to be shown, as a backup, if for any reason the Map itself cannot be displayed.