The main content of your Hero block can be either an image or a video. Once selected, the options for each are configured below, in the settings panel.

Video settings

You can use either YouTube, MP4 or Vimeo URLs for your featured video. Simply add in the link to your video for it to display, i.e. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9VUPq3SxOc

There are three options for the featured video:

Autoplay - Will play the video on page load. Loop - Will 'loop' the video infinitely Mute - Will start the video with no sound

Image settings

You can upload an image, or choose one from your library, using the 'Image' settings within the menu on the left-hand side:

Overlay opacity

Choose a value between 0% and 95%.


Add your heading text here.


Add your description text here.

Button label

Your label will be the text shown on your button.

Link the button and image to any page, or web address.

Note this is an optional field.

Zoom on hover

Displays like this:

WeTheme Help - Hero hover


Add up to 5 menu items with title, subheading, featured image, hover image and set the image height.

An example of how these elements can look is shown, along with a second image on hover, here:

WeTheme help - Hero content