Mega Menu

By default, all WeTheme themes support three levels of the drop-down menu, but it also possible to configure a 'mega-menu' which will allow you to show your customers a greater number of navigation options:

WeTheme Queenstown demo store

Getting a mega-menu setup only takes a few minutes and a few steps - let's get started.

Preparing the Navigation Menu

First, your menu structure needs to be set up in the 'Navigation' section of your Shopify dashboard.

For Mega Menus such as the above example, the second level will show as sub-headers, and third level will show as menu items.

Once all the menu items are edited to your approval, we'll need to enable mega-menu functionality for each of the relevant main menu items.

Doing this individually means you can have mega menu functionality for certain menu items, and still have the choice of standard drop-downs for others.

Enabling the Mega Menu

To enable mega-menu functionality, in your header settings, scroll to the bottom of the settings, and ensure your mega-menu functionality is enabled:

Click 'Add mega-menu' and enter the name of one of your main menu titles. Ensure that the menu entry is correct, as the system is case sensitive.

Once entered, you should now see the mega-menu view.


The Mega Menu is coded to always stretch across the full width of the screen and can hold up to a maximum of five columns across.

Adding Images

You also have the option to add up to two images, along with optional headers, sub-headers and links as you can see at the top of the page.

These images will always populate to the right of the last menu options and are the perfect place to advertise promotions specific to this mega-menu.

Adding an image will create and use a separate column - so the above example at the page-top is two menus and two images, using four out of five possible columns.

Horizontal limits

The Mega Menu is not coded with a precise limit on how far you can stretch down the page: so breaking your larger menu into sub-menus or nesting them into a few menus instead may make everything much clearer to navigate for your customers.

Experiment with different navigation menu setups, to find what approaches and layouts work best for your storefront.

Your theme is able to create nested menus up to 3 levels deep - the Shopify admin area's limit - from a single page by using the menu editing interface.

You can revisit the 'Navigation' section of your Shopify dashboard to change your menu options, including the order, at any time, and it will update the live site.

Here is more information on how to do this:

There is also the option of using the mega menu feature which increases your layout options. More information is available on this towards the bottom of this page, along with a useful tutorial video:

Mega Menu Apps

You also have the option of adding additional functionality, via the use of an app, to display additional layers of navigation such as: