"Powered by Shopify" Credit

For editing your "Powered by Shopify" footer text, this should be an easy change to make if you head to:

1. Admin 2. Online store → themes → actions → edit languages You can then search in the box at the top for "Powered by Shopify". It will then bring up result/s where you can edit the text. If you add a "space" (using a single tap of the spacebar) in any of the edit fields and it will then remove the text on the frontend.

Here is an example of where your "Powered by Shopify" footer text displays:

WeTheme help - Footer text

To remove "Powered by Shopify" and "Designed by WeTheme" via code

(This will keep only the "Copyright 2019, Your store name" text, removing the vertical bars too).

We recommend duplicating your live theme and completing these changes on the new unpublished theme before putting live.

1) Go to Online store [Your Theme] Actions Edit code

2) On the left search 'footer' to find the file footer.liquid in the sections folder

In that file find the code:

<ul class="bottom--footer---links">
<li><a href="/">&copy; {{ 'now' | date: "%Y" }}, {{ shop.name }}</a></li>
<li>{{ powered_by_link }}</li>
{% if section.settings.show_wetheme %}<li><a href="http://www.wetheme.com" title="Designed by WeTheme">{{ 'layout.footer.designed_by' | t }}</a></li>{% endif %}

and replace with:

<ul class="bottom--footer---links">
<li><a href="/">&copy; {{ 'now' | date: "%Y" }}, {{ shop.name }}</a></li>

3) Then find your timber.scss.liquid file and at the very bottom add the following code:

.bottom--footer---links li {
border-left: 0;
padding: 0;

4) Save

Additional WeTheme note:

Please note that as of Flow version 14.3 - the theme's core code has been edited to remove the reference to WeTheme, after a high number of requests. This leaves just your store name and Shopify displaying in the footer.

Any theme version older than 14.3 can use the above guide to remove some or all of the line instead if desired.