Custom HTML

HTML is a versatile, yet relatively simple coding language which affects how your section is displayed by the browser.

If you are familiar with HTML, then you may wish to make changes to this section yourself. However, as with all types of code, if you are not totally confident in your abilities, it would be best to approach an expert in this field before beginning or making changes which may not be reversible.

Adding Custom HTML section

To add your custom HTML section, follow these steps:

  1. Admin

  2. Online store → Themes → Customize

  3. Sections

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the left-hand panel and select “Add section”

  5. Under “Advanced layout”, select “Custom HTML”

Altering the Custom HTML section

Firstly, click through to your section by heading to:

  1. Admin

  2. Online store → Themes → Customize

  3. Sections

  4. Select “Custom HTML”

  5. You will see the following settings.


This contains “content blocks”.


There is no limit to the number of content blocks you can add.

Add a content block by selecting “add custom HTML”:

Custom HTML

Content blocks can be expanded by clicking them


Here you can add your custom HTML code

Container width

Choose between 25% - 100% width.


You can arrange your content blocks by dragging and dropping them:


To remove a content block, expand that block and choose “remove content”:


Be sure not to accidentally remove the whole “section” instead!

Remove section:

To remove the whole section containing ALL content blocks, click “remove section”: