What Falls Under the Theme's Control

Your Theme control's the visual appearance of your store, it's pages, your contact forms and some part's of the checkout process.

Here is a list of the areas that are under the Theme's control:

  • Theme Settings

  • Theme Default and included Templates, such as the Product Page, Collection Pages and Contact Page

  • Home Page Sections

  • Some visual styling on the Checkout Page

Here is a list of areas that are outside of the Theme's control:

  • Shopify Admin settings, such as languages, currency , gift cards, shipping and customer notifications

  • Product's setup

  • Collections setup

  • App's, custom coding or any custom elements or Templates

  • Tracking systems such as Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics

  • Shopify's relay and server system

  • The coding and layout of the Checkout Page

For any issues in the second list, Shopify Support will be your best avenue for accessing Support and assistance. For anything in the first list, we are more than happy to investigate the issue.