Page Load Speed and SEO Reports

Firstly, all our themes are built with speed and SEO in mind and are fully optimised in this sense.

We follow Shopify's strict policies and fully adhere to their established procedures, which all Shopify theme developers also must do.

Essentially, all themes on the Shopify themes store are built using the same framework, both premium and free, regardless of the type of product it is likely to be used to sell. Site loading speed is of huge importance when creating themes and we have squeezed out as much as we possibly can using the available coding methods, to ensure Shopify's criteria are met or exceeded. So to reiterate, any speed reports or analytics which suggest improvements are required will flag up the same suggestions for other themes due to the framework which exists when building on the platform. Altering your theme's code to meet the suggestions of any SEO reports should then satisfy these particular audits, however, it will then mean that apps installed from the Shopify apps store may not integrate correctly, as a direct result of these coding alterations.

It is also worth mentioning some of Shopify's code itself can be flagged up on SEO reports, much of which we can't edit and the speed improvements you would gain from these code changes would be minimal but could have significant adverse effects on the site's integration with other platform-compatible solutions.

For additional assistance with SEO and rankings, we would suggest reaching out to a specialist who can guide you on content and code changes that could help your store specifically over our more general set up that is designed to help the majority merchants:

Shopify Experts - Marketers

Coding alterations can be made via a specialist:

There are a couple of relatively simple ways you can further optimise your site.

Optimising images is certainly a great first approach: Crush pics app Another option would be to keep the number of apps you plan on installing to a minimum, as these will increase page loading times also.

Shopify Help - Working with apps Guide