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This guide is designed to provide assistance and a detailed explanation of Flow and its default features.

This guide is detailed and separated into 4 areas, to reflect the settings of the theme.


Your Home page is broken down into what Shopify calls Sections, which currently are restricted to the Home Page template, but this will be moving to the other theme pages with the release of the Sections Everywhere update.

Sections are the ‘chunks’ of content, that stack from top to bottom as you scroll down your Home page.

You can freely build, configure and rearrange your Home page with dynamic sections.


Shopify introduced Sections to the theme editor late in 2016.

Themes created before October 2016 do not have sections.

Theme Settings

Match your theme to your brand - changing typography, color schemes and configuring your currency and popup options.


Change the settings for each of your store's inner pages, such as your main Product page and Collection Page templates:


Discover the most frequently asked questions about the Flow theme using our FAQs (or search the site using the search bar in the top right).